486 ha. South East end of Salt Spring Island, 11 km from Fulford Island

Summer Nature Programs – 2018

Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Download our schedule for 2018

Come join Amy, the Park Naturalist, for some educational fun and games!


Learn about the History of the Ruckle family farm


Hike along the shoreline trail with a Park Naturalist

Visit the gallery

Thursdays 5:00pm – Saving Garry Oak       7:00 pm – Owls of S.S.I.: who eats who?


4:00 pm Sensory Journey: Use your five senses to explore nature.
6:00 pm Bats in Jeopardy: why are they endangered?


5:00 pm Pioneers of Ruckle: a history tour of the Ruckle farm family  (NO DOGS PLEASE – active farm area).
7:30 pm Slimy Slugs: learn about black slugs and banana slugs, and go for a slug hunt!


10:00 am Intertidal Exploration – check out the lively sea creatures and tidal pools!
11:30 am Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk: food and medicines found in our own backyard.

Mondays 5:00 pm – Slithering Snakes: sharp-tailed or garter?   7:00 pm – Birds of Ruckle

All programs begin at the white firewood trailer at the North end of the campground

Funding provided by K2 Park Services.

Your donations directly support our educational programs.

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