97 ha. Located on the SW side of Galiano Island.

Summer at the floating Nature House
Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays: July and August
*Attention Visitors – the Floating Nature House is closed until further notice
  due to structural rot.


Come join the Park Naturalist, rain or shine, for some educational fun and games!

Download these two helpful documents to guide your adventure:
1.) Summer Program schedule


All nudibranchs are sea slugs, but not all sea slugs are nudibranchs. See the gallery
I am on display in a touch tank at the floating Nature House at Montague for the summer season. I am rather shy and try to hide under rocks and seaweed, but I am so colourful that you will most likely see me. The food that I eat is very colourful which gives me a very brilliant colour. We are carnivorous and like to eat sponges, coral, anemones, fish eggs and other sea slugs. We breathe, digest and defend ourselves through our finger-like appendages that cover our backs.
Dockside spying: Come search and learn all about the colourful and lively creatures living just below the water on our dockside!
Meet at the Nature House
Come explore the floating Nature House! Our fun filled floating nature house is yours to enjoy. Learn interesting facts and ask questions about Montague Park and it’s beautiful biodiversity.
Saturdays & Sundays (Intertidal Exploration)
Interpretive Walk: Sensing your surroundings. Use your senses to discover the flora and fauna of the park. Learn about indigenous uses of plants and how the native people used the land and its plants to survive.
Meet at the Boat Launch
Come explore the floating Nature House!
Come touch, read and enjoy the interactive learning center located on the dock.
Friday and Saturday Nights
Night Light Show!
By mimicking the full moon in our floating nature house, watch as worms, fish, isopods and much more will surface from the depths of the ocean for an amazing show. Who knows what will emerge!
Advanced sign up required at the Nature House (15 max)
Funding provided by K2 Park Services.
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